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Cons: "Cannot say there were any negatives. they give such tiny tiny portions-like 2 ounces at a time--they said i might get drunk. Cons: "LAX boarding was chaotic I think they should announce First people with disabilities Then Business class After that board Economy class from last rows", Cons: "Unfortunately WiFi services was off", Pros: "Seat next to me was empty, helping with the very cramped conditions. Search flexible flights from California to the Philippines. Cons: "Offer better options to redeem rewards/miles! The 1st line was lined with the people arriving first. I would definitely recommend JAL to others." ", Cons: "Take height and weight when booking flight. So I had to use audio from neighboring (empty) seat and sync it with video from screen for my seat. Cons: "Low calorie meals were horrible. The best prices found for California to Philippines flights for January, February, Cheap flights to Philippines from California found for this year, Save time with California to Philippines direct flight deals, Late deals on round-trip flights to Philippines from California, departing today and this week, California consumers have the right to opt out of the sale, Cheap flights from California to Philippines, what to know about COVID-19 (coronavirus) and travel, Flights to Dumaguete City from California. Either just 1 line, or if 2 lines, should ask which line come first", Pros: "People the staff was nice and tried to be helpful" Cheapflights has at least 20 direct flights from California to Philippines under $800. Loved the ice cream they served to prep you for that Hong Kong heat! Cons: "The flight attendants gave me the most beautiful hospitality hope you keep up the good job this was my third time around using ANA", Pros: "ANA did a great job of keeping customers informed about every detail regarding the delays we experienced with the flight. ", Pros: "Check-in counter and gate staff were really accommodating and professional." I took a redeye flight hoping to sleep a bit on the plane but I ended up not sleeping much. Very cheap flights from New York to Angeles City, Philippines for only $341 return with China Eastern Airlines! You have to circulate the beverage cart more often. .. More leg room. Cons: "I dont like the 2x seating in business, seats are not up to what they should be, i was glad it was a short flight", Pros: "Accomodating the cew" According to our current data, Asiana Airlines ($583), Japan Airlines ($599), and ANA ($602) offers the cheapest pricing from California to Philippines. Fortunately, cabin crew member was kind enough to give me a regular Hindu veggie meal rather than my pre-selected Vegetarian Jain meal (VJML) - DO NOT CHOOSE VJML on Qatar, unless you wanna faint from the horrible food! Find departure or arrival time, flight duration & best airfares for San Francisco to Philippines at Friendly and helpful staff." Philippines to California flight duration. Return flight back to US was mediocre. The food was tasty and delicious..." ", Pros: "Arrival and departure is on time treatment is excellent very courteous For all category of passenger" They skipped rows, didn’t apologize, forgot to bring things when requested and had to be reminded again & lacked common courtesy. The cheapest flight booked recently is on Asiana Airlines for just $583, but on average you can expect to pay $608. Not helpful. ", Cons: "The passenger who sat next to me had disgusting, stinky breath for the entire flight. ", Pros: "I had a family emergency and couldn’t go. Seats were very comfortable and spacious." Click on the links to browse cheap flights to California and then compare the prices of other airlines flying to California. ", Pros: "Good attentiveness from crew, food was fine. Sometimes travel dates aren't set in stone. ", Pros: "First time I got ice cream on a plane" Cons: "Refund policy", Pros: "Service, people, space, entertainment" That meant, that I had to hold anything I wanted during take-off, and landing, and the entertainment system had to be stowed during those times as well, so I couldn't even listen to music as the only controls were the touchscreen. The bathroom was always clean, they keep it up so well. Landing technique was beautiful. This amazing destination offers pretty much everything you need: the world class beaches, awesome conditions for water sports, stunning mountains and volcanoes, along with caves and rice terraces to explore. Philippine Airlines Travel Insights §. Newer model airplane." ", Pros: "Nice service" Cons: "Nothing", Pros: "The movie selection was ok. Could be better." Cons: "The food was not to my liking (i.e., all Japanese style, but not necessarily types that appeal more to Westerners) but it was palatable. ", Pros: "It was my first time flying to Japan from LA and the experience was great. ", Pros: "Nothing" ", Pros: "Seat, service and food were excellent" It was nice to have the menus printed. I like Tokyo Haneda Airport because it’s smaller and the gates are closer." ; The percentage of kids under 14 traveling on Philippine Airlines flights was 6%. Flight on tune and boarding was seamless. A+ service. This flight path from California to Philippines was viewed by 4,074 users in the past month. ", Pros: "Good service all the way to final destination. ", Cons: "I would have appreciated more movie options and TV show options on the entertainment monitor. Cons: "No complain about the flight and the services. The seat was incredibly comfortable and the food was phenomenal. One guy barely opened his mouth and talked by pointing fingers. Cons: "Flight was too warm for 11hrs and I had to ask for temp to be reduced. Great food and drink/snack options. This assumes an average flight speed for a commercial airliner of 500 mph, which is equivalent to 805 km/h or 434 knots. I have course book a new flight directly with the airline. ", Pros: "Comport seating" However, that's always a matter of personal taste. Also I will be happy to fly ANA again, but I would not take a redeye flight on any airline unless I was in business or first class which I cannot reasonably afford at the moment. Cons: "The food was horrible. They have an excellent price to quality ratio; you can often get great prices on some of the more popular destinations and the service is 5 stars." ", Pros: "The stewardess of the flight from LA to Osaka was awesome , I don't remember her exactly name , I think she is older then other crew members working that day on economy class . I am happy to take ANA on my return flight, which is not redeye. Last minute flight time change was sent via email..!!!! Crew were friendly and helpful. When I called, I was told that I would be given a complimentary hotel room because of the length of the layover. Cons: "Food was decent but could have been better. ", Pros: "Everything" Both legs were on time, the meals were excellent, and the chouce of movies was more than adequate. Online and also at check in desk. I can only say wonderful things about them. Wasted my vacation time by a whole day", Pros: "Nice space between seats for the economy class." Book Cheap Flights to Philippines: Search and compare airfares on Tripadvisor to find the best flights for your trip to Philippines. When I arrived in Doha I was told by the transfer desk that I did not need to pick up my bags because they had been checked to my final destination. Cons: "Some more clarity on carry-on limits would be helpful as would participating in TSA Precheck for US travelers. More details. The breakfast congee was ok.", Pros: "Everything was good as always." Movies were okay." No matter whether you're on the hunt for a flight to the state's capital of Sacramento, or would rather fly someplace more rural, you're guaranteed to find the ideal destination for your trip here on Expedia. My rice wasn’t cooked all the way & the bread was clearly stale. It’s fish fillet with tomato sauce and no other option. Reason given was that they were still waiting for passengers on a connect connecting flight. However, when I arrived in Kigali, Rwanda, my bags were no where to be found. Cons: "Nothing. ", Cons: "More of an movie selection. The staff was professional." Keep an eye out for changes in search interest prior to high and low season. Book cheap tickets for direct flights online. Skyscanner allows you to find the cheapest flights to California (from hundreds of airlines including Southwest Airlines, United, Delta) without having to enter specific dates or even destinations, making it the best place to find cheap flights for your trip. Cons: "Special meal (vegetarian Hindi) was terrible. Cons: "Nothing", Pros: "Food is great, with good selection between chinese or western meals. If you’re looking for cheap airfare, try our flexible booking calendar to find the best day to fly Philippine Airlines within your schedule. The quickest way to get from California to Philippines is to fly which costs $320 - $750 and takes 19h 3m. Cons: "The entertainment center (sound) did not work in my son's seat. Cons: "1) could not pre-book seat as it was a codeshare. ", Pros: "Food was good, entertainment was plentiful. Cons: "The main course could have been better or improve. ", Pros: "Food and beverages service .very pleasant attendants..economy tough on 11 hr flight..fee seemed reasonable though. Cons: "Entertainment choices seem to be limited compared to the long haul international flight. Flight Schedules from San Diego to Philippines. However, a large part of this depends on which season you travel to the Philippines. Flying time from Philippines to California. they moved prompt, no running or fast walk on aisles, so that passengers can ask things easily. ", Cons: "The boarding process was strange, with one guy directing several different zones to stand in line, people not cooperating and just overrall not very organized. I have motion sickness and usually the landing gets me really sick. Find flights to Philippines from $392. Policies will vary by airline. Passenger behind me had no leg room. ", Pros: "Was given emergency exit seating. ", Pros: "The crew were helpful and nice. Decent legroom in Economy class and decent inflight entertainment. ", Pros: "Food service was good" Airlines flying from California to the Philippines have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. The most popular flight routes from California to Philippines are Los Angeles - Manila Ninoy Aquino Intl, San Francisco - Manila Ninoy Aquino Intl and Los Angeles - Cebu City Mactan Intl. Find departure or arrival time, flight duration & best airfares for San Diego to Philippines at No one has found them yet. ", Pros: "I liked that they feed us good food, and we were feed several times. Cons: "Seats could be better", Pros: "I loved that the interior was completely darkened for about seven of the 12 hours of flight time." I am already scared of returning flight with American airplines." Cons: "11 hr flight", Pros: "The entertainment system was grest with many movie optionstar and a large screen for viewing. Because this was booked as a round-trip this vendor was attempting to charge me $330 plus the full price purchase of a new ticket as the "change fee". the entertainment was pretty good--good choice of movies. Not the airlines fault. At least they had them though. Flight attendant was forgetful about getting even water even with a half full flight. You could then fly to the Philippines with an airline and back to California with another airline. Cons: "South Indian food may. NEVER Again. ", Pros: "I liked how much leg room we had. Manila in Brief Retrospect The city of Manila which is today the capital and prime city of the Philippines actually began as a Muslim settlement in the mid 16th century. Flight Schedules from San Jose to Philippines. Cons: "on a 12 hour flight they served meals only twice, at the beginning and at the end.. i was really starving in-between for somethign heavier (though u can ask for those biscuits etc)..", Pros: "The flight attendants were incredibly friendly and service oriented. Search Philippines flights on KAYAK. We couldn't confirm the COVID-19 safety measures taken by Japan Airlines. Your legs will thank you for it. The average price for connecting flights from Manila, Philippines to San Diego is ₱52,842. there was even toothbrushes and paper cup! ", Cons: "Service could be better. Awesome service and experience, I would travel with them again." The seats were spacious and comfortable and I did not feel claustrophobic." Cons: "It's kinda hard to sleep. ", Cons: "I was very disappointed with the new release movie selection. ", Pros: "Service was amazing and made me feel like I was in first class." Never have I seen such a skinny sized meal. Delay caused me to miss my connecting flight in Doha. She was very professional , serving customer with the best she can. Masks are provided and are mandatory while on board. Movies and other entertainment needs more variety. Some of the food could taste a bit fresher and less microwaved. Cons: "i answered this already", Pros: "See above comment please" L", Pros: "Premium economy is the way to go! Seat was small but fairly comfortable and I like the foot rest." Fortunately, despite the 45 minute window for connection, I managed to get my connecting flight to Islamabad thanks to good support from ground staff in Doha", Pros: "The wider space between all seats and the selection of the food" Find the best price before you book your trip to Cebu, Philippines (CEB). This is the best plane flying in the air right now." Cons: "For me, they always leave the lights on way too long. I wasn’t allowed to switch my flight or change it. .ovreally nice experience" If your preferred travel dates have some wiggle room, flexible dates will show you all the options when flying to the Philippines from California up to 3 days before/after your preferred dates. Would have been nice to have it in English for international flight. ", Pros: "The food and legroom" He was not going anywhere for at least a year (radiation and chemo) and the denied even credit.I was able to get my parents tickets refunded by a different airline. There were not too many great options of movies and for the old plane, the screens were really bad. This whole trip all together was about 24 hours, and considering the length it was great. Cons: "I purchased a flight through one of the participating vendors on kayak for a major airline and accidentally chose the wrong departure date. As customers, even in economy, no request was too minor to be treated as the most important of the day. ", Pros: "Comfort, entertainment, amenities" Cons: "Nothing", Pros: "The flight went well, from boarding to landing." Cons: "seat was too narrow & there were no upgrades available. The price shown for each flight will be the average for all passengers including any infants. Entertainment was good." ick. Cons: "Some announcements were only made in Korean. ", Pros: "same as above" Having an empty seat next to me helped. Later on, when we getting off the airplane she even helped me to stroll my carry on out to the airplane because I was carry too many stuffs with me and my daughter being so tired of the long flight so I have to comforted my daughter . Please please look into it. ", Cons: "the boarding was a mess because there are two very close schedules in 12am", Pros: "All good except...." Travelocity is proud to offer some of the lowest prices on Philippine Airlines one-way and round-trip flights to many popular destinations in United States of America. Korean flight attendants were very courteous and helpful. Cons: "Long time to check in. ", Pros: "Great take off and landing. Plane was very spacious, I love flying with Korean air. ", Pros: "attentive flight attendants, the aircraft looked reallly nice & they gave me a good seating position w/ more leg room" 4) food was really horrid, no japanese option! Pre-flight testing for symptoms and antibodies, alongside socially distanced seating (for a limited time) will work towards keeping travelers safer while flying from California to Philippines. Will fly EVA air again." Cons: "I liked everything, everything was excellent", Pros: "Special meal options: I enjoyed seafood meal." Cons: "Japan could have helped me change my name in my reservation to match my passport", Pros: "Lots of room in premium economy, good entertainment selection. Choose the best airline for you by reading reviews and viewing hundreds of ticket rates for flights going to and from your destination. Cons: "Flight was delayed by 30+ minutes which made me/many others late for any connecting flights. Bathroom not cleaned very often. On average you can expect to pay $1,472. ..Could not sleep in upright seating. Cons: "The 767 business class seat from Tokyo to Jakarta could be better. Cons: "Somewhat limited choice of movies/TV shows. On average you can expect to pay $1,472. There are multiple international airports in the country, the largest and busiest of which is located in Manila. I have a bad left hip and was in pain the whole flight because all I could do is keep my left leg in one position. But when the ANA agents came out, they have no clue and serve the line of the people arriving later. The seats were uncomfortable. Cons: "None. They were all very nice to us. Cons: "Not applicable", Pros: "The flight attendants were very attentive and polite, seats are some of the most comfortable of any airline I've flown (particularly compared to the US domestics), entertainment is solid (although the English movie selection was not that large), and we were regularly offered food and drink if we were awake. Temperature comfortable. Due to the rapidly changing circumstances due to COVID-19, airlines like Philippine Airlines, EVA Air, and Asiana Airlines flying from California to Philippines have implemented new flexible cancellation policies. Cons: "Seats are very very narrow", Pros: "Service, Cleanliness and Overall Quality" Cons: "Nothing, JAL is perfect. … We have found prices from $832 if you need a flight within two weeks. I flew economy and was treated like a first class. The seats were spacious and comfortable and I did not feel claustrophobic. Cons: "Flight was delayed leaving LAX and was about an hour late to arrive at Doha. Excellent service. Search the best prices round-trip for Philippine Airlines from 300+ websites. ; The percentage of millennials traveling on Philippine Airlines flights was 27%. When we arrived in Doha we were directed to a desk for hotel booking. I flew Chicago to Tokyo in JAL and then from Tokyo to Manila again on JAL.

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