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After a couple of years, he formed his own band “The Romans”. Contact coordinators Randi Drucker, 516-822-7942, e-mail: [email protected] or Mary Beth Stone, 212-740-2072, e-mail: [email protected]. North Dakota Songwriters Association. News. He first joined the Fort Worth Songwriters' Association in 1995, and then became the Vice President. Gus was constantly exposed to music of all types from Sinatra to Wynette (he has a special fondness for the Texas Aggie “War Hymn”). The New York Songwriters Circle is the most established and respected live music showcase in the country. Explore. “Don’t ask me to sing ‘em though,” he laughs. The South Carolina Writers Association is a literary arts non-profit organization offering a supportive environment for people to become better writers. directions >> Mailing Address: PMB 2717 - 1420 NW Gilman Blvd, Ste. He never really wanted to make a living with his music because he always felt that if this thing that was so important to him became his job, then it wouldn’t be the same. He was in the Air Force at the time and when he was honorably discharged in 1981, he moved to Texas. Songwriters Listening Room. He began his songwriting career in the 1980s, and has had many opportunities to perform his original songs, while stationed in foreign countries with the US Army -- including many German festivals. After a stint in the Air Force, he ended up in Houston and started Joe Cruz and the Cruisers in 1969. Box 96, Hebron, ND, 58638-0096. If you're new to town this is one of the first places to check out. Nashville Songwriters Association International • North Texas Dallas, TX (972) 517-4565; (972) 517-4565 Sam Moore, Coordinator; Cyndy Moore, Coordinator. In 1976, Tim dissolved the Western Blazers and began to pursue other ventures. Coordinator: Doak Turner at 704-896-7234, e-mail: [email protected]. Joe is retired now, but still love to write and help young writers learn the art. Song Critique sessions are conducted regularly presenting members with the opportunity to play their songs and receive constructive criticism from peers and professionals. Guess you could say he was country. He picked up a guitar for the first time in 1978 and was writing songs not long after. The Fort Worth Songwriters' Association is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that educates persons in the craft of songwriting. Contact Director Sonny Speed, e-mail: [email protected]. Co-coordinator: Bruce Johnson, e-mail: [email protected]. In 2004, Emerick was named "Songwriter of the Year" by the Nashville Songwriters Association. Here is the definitive list of songwriters near your location as rated by your neighborhood community. Tim has always said "Let me play my music, and I'll be the happiest man alive!" Established as a non-profit organization in 1979, SAW continues to develop, promote, and encourage songwriters through education, networking, and performance opportunities throughout the Washington DC metropolitan area. 845-246-0223. We play by the rules . When he was 15, he joined a band from Bryan, TX, called Johnny and the Diamonds. NSAI, NYC meets monthly (with meetings usually held on Sundays for a three-hour session), featuring songwriting exercises and song critiques. He recorded an album, “The Coast Is Clear”, for DreamWorks Records in 2003, and has charted four singles on the country charts, including a No. His travels allowed him to box competitively as well as to play Rugby, basketball, soccer, badmitton, ping-pong and softball. The Songwriters Café website is an important element of Snyder’s mission to create a resource for the Indianapolis songwriters community, especially for neophyte fans and musicians. Songwriters' Association of Washington is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Also, Tim has played with Leroy Stafford and the Texas Sounds at Panther Hall Annex Bar and locally on channel 11 television. They hold meetings the first Monday of each month, and also host about three “Songwriters In The Round” live showcases every month. Elected to the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1975, Marijohn Wilkin ranks alongside Cindy Walker and Dolly Parton as one of the most successful female country songwriters … He has performed with Grammy Award Winner, Brad Davis, served as a judge during the "Cowboy Idol" contest in Fort Worth with Justin Frazell, television host of "Lone Star Roads", and was interviewed and appeared twice on the live radio program "Music Scene Live". New members welcome! State of Florida Registration # G10000111359. Services of SGA cover every aspect of songwriting including the creative, administrative and financial. Left me standing there I watched my tail gate fade From where I stood that day This Cowboy's run out of luck Aint it funny what we do for love She took the keys to my truck. The band played all over Texas with a prestigious run of ninety-seven weeks at the Finish Line Club in Fort Worth, Texas. His music is his creative outlet. He proceeded to purchase himself a guitar from Sears & Roebuck and returned to the park to have the musicians teach him how to play "this thing." Now a believer in the Lord, Jesus Christ, Gus continues his fight with the help of the Lord and his church family. Never because he had to and he only wrote and played what he wanted and as the poet said “has made all the difference". For more info on Gus, please go to P.O. Learn more Join ASCAP now . All in all, Joe had 11 siblings (3 sets of twins). The Dallas Songwriters is a non-profit 501 C3 organization. He wants to share his love of songwriting with other songwriters - beginners and old pro’s alike. All styles of music are welcome, including country, alternative, rock, pop and gospel. Our mission is to support and encourage the art and craft of songwriting, to provide resources and educational opportunities to songwriters, and to nurture a positive environment in which songwriters may fully develop their potential as songwriters. Nashville Songwriter's showcase thier music. The overall work was also done efficiently. Special events three or four times a year feature hit songwriters from Nashville, open mics, guitar and singing workshops, etc. He never wanted it to be something he had to do to put food on the table. TIM BLAZER - Tim is a native born Texan who has been playing music for over sixty years. Classes run for varying lengths and are offered on different levels for beginning or more advanced writers. Through this platform of offerings, CSA exists to integrate songwriters with local business, creating an ecosystem that transcends Columbus’ current music scene, while amplifying it. Playing and composing by ear, he began recording in high school with a reel to reel tape recorder, continuing to present day technology with a few professional studios in between. Coordinator: Jim Melko. Songwriter Jason Blume says that his “sole job duty is to create hit songs that are geared for the commercial market—and do the business required to get those songs to generate income.” As a Songwriter, his job is to write both the lyrics and melody for a song, whereas a Lyricist exclusively writes lyrics and does not write the music for the piece–an important difference between the two roles. He signed with Gilley’s during the Urban Cowboy days and when his contract was up, he moved to Ft Worth in 1984. Some associations host annual conferences or expos, which provide terrific opportunities to network with other songwriters as well as industry pros. George Wurzbach, National Projects Director. Their current membership consists of songwriters that include talented performers, musicians and producers. We are a professional organization of 790,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers, owned and run by its members, and the world leader in performance royalties, advocacy and service for music creators. The Songwriters Guild of America (SGA) founded in 1931, is a voluntary songwriter association run by and for songwriters. The showcases meet once a month on the first Monday of the month. It’s the artists who turn the songs into hits. As a beginner at songwriting I wasn’t too sure about certain things but Luke was helpful and made sure I got the sound I wanted. Our work in Washington has helped increased royalty rates, toughen laws against music piracy & educate Congress about the business and technology of music. But he was ”re-born” in June 2004, while living on 23 acres near Gainesville, Texas and attending the New Life Bible Church (Ben Averitt, Pastor). Want to see who made the cut? Several of his songs were featured and played on KFYN 1420AM, "The Warrior" and "The Bill Rainey Show" radio program, NBRN-FM, out of Nashville, TN. Our goal, daily, is to conduct business in a Christian like fashion. . 8, Issaquah, WA 98027 Hours: Open Tuesday - Friday from 10 am - 3 pm . CSA is a non-profit organization that provides music industry opportunities, performance outlets, educational resources, technical services, and collective benefits to a select group of passionate songwriters. Kit backed such stars as Leon Payne and George Jones. JOE CRUZ - Joe was born on September 7, 1946, on a farm near Caldwell, TX, but he wasn’t alone. He can say in absolute sincerity – he doesn't know where he would be today without it. His songs "Send You Home" and "I'm Going Back to Texas" were also selected in the top ten of the "Ruby Almond Songwriter Contest". 109 talking about this. For information about this workshop, please visit their Website. It is his life's ambition to help those who truly need help.MIKE CONNER - Currently on the Board of Directors for FWSA, Mike has been playing the piano since he was about 5 years old. PROFESSIONAL SONGWRITERS. There is so much to learn and the networking and information available through this association is invaluable.”  He is currently working on a studio CD that will be entitled “Finally.”. See, hear and meet the songwriters.The real Nashville songwriter's experience! He can say in absolute sincerity – he doesn't know where he would be today without it. His music is his creative outlet. Home page of Arizona Songwriters Association. This non-profit organization hosts an annual summer camp for songwriters held in the Catskills, New York. FWSA - Fort Worth Songwriters Association promotes, Original Music as a viable art form, Open Mics, Special Events, Member Profiles, and more. The group meets monthly to … ALAN BEAUVAIS -  Alan has been making up songs and stories in his head for as long as he can remember. At these 10 schools, songwriters will know they’re ready for the music industry with a cutting edge curriculum, impressive alumni and real-world opportunities. The NEXT SLR show is in 2017. 10/10 would recommend. You can find his CD at . Songwriters Guild Of America (SGA), New York office. Website, SummerSongs. The preamble to the SGA constitution charges the board to take such lawful acti… CCSA offers an environment where songwriters can grow in their craft by learning and sharing with each other. (Check out our blog on this subject for a mo… Our label and publishing company stands for professionalism, honesty, integrity, loyalty and the desire to succeed. A note to our community regarding COVID-19. 24-peaking duet with Keith, "I Can't Take You Anywhere", which Keith had previously recorded on his 2001 album “Pull My Chain”. Their vision is to “build community among songwriters to develop an epicenter of great songs and great songwriting in this area.” They meet on the first and third Mondays of each month at 7:00 pm at SouthBrook Christian Church in Centerville, Ohio, at 1150 Spring Valley Pike. His complete bio and discography can be viewed at, -   Rob has a multi-faceted music background. Island Songwriters Showcase. So, he began to hang out with guitar players and songwriters and in 1994. The goal of CCSA is to establish a nurturing environment for songwriters and lyricists at all levels and to provide support, evaluation, activities and resources employing both amateur and professional affiliations to assist each other in achieving their highest potential. A non-profit educational org. The Arizona Songwriters Association is committed to the development and recognition of Arizona composers, lyricists, and songwriters pursuing their right to benefit from and receive fair compensation for Along a career path almost as crooked as an Arkansas country road, there were several near misses with mainstream music success, opportunities to focus on announcing, and a lot of personal satisfaction producing television programming and guiding students to successful careers of their own in TV. You can tell he is very knowledgeable about what he does. Dating back to 1991, it is an in the round format that supports great original songs. Juggling multiple career objectives has always just been part of the game as Mel Strait performed musically, worked radio and TV, and eventually settled into academia. Become the next songbird of your generation at one of the 10 best schools for songwriters. If you would like to add an association to this list, or if there is a listing which needs to be amended, please e-mail us. Our people strive to provide a vehicle whereby a talented person with great desire can succeed. 2, Issaquah, WA 98027 Phone: (425) 673-2665 LIMITED PHONE ACCESS AT THIS TIME They meet the first Tuesday in each month from 7pm – 9pm at the Long View Center located at 118 S. Person Street in downtown Raleigh, NC. CCSA is a non-profit organization founded in 1997. . WINNERS CIRCLE COUNTRY MUSIC PUBLISHING - What would happen if somebody came along and said, “I love people and I love music, and I'm gonna start a company where we shoot straight pool?”  As president of WCCMP, Gus' primary responsibility is number one, to the Lord, Jesus Christ, and to every person working or associated with our company. So, he began to hang out with guitar players and songwriters and in 1994. He first joined the Fort Worth Songwriters' Association in 1995, and then became the Vice President. He wants to share his love of songwriting with other songwriters - beginners and old pro’s alike. E-mail: [email protected]. The Fort Worth Music Scene is Texas Music at its best! The Songwriters’ Association of Washington (SAW) is a community of aspiring and professional songwriters dedicated to cultivating excellence in song craft. The design MUST be … “I’m not a singer.”  When asked what has helped him the most in his music career, he responds, “Definitely FWSA. Songwriters are more often than not, hidden in the background. He is convinced his years of networking will eventually offer him lucrative commercial opportunities. His musical interests span several genres for which he writes his original music and compositions. SWADE is geared towards new and seasoned songwriters of all ages, creeds, and backgrounds. Lasting 1 hour, BMI 101 covers the history of performing rights, the origins of BMI and the current role BMI plays in the complex world of the music industry. He’s also easy to work with. Songwriters Guild Of America (SGA), New York office. It is devoted exclusively to providing songwriters with the services and activities they need to succeed in the business of music. Mr. Smith saw that Tim had talent and offered him a job working with these same great artists. A few years later, he met with a dozen or so people in the back room of the White Elephant Saloon and they talked about forming the Fort Worth Songwriters’ Association. In 2000, while attending to his very ill father, Gus' dad encouraged him to write songs and to get out and perform them. As a child, Gus flourished as an athlete. With his friend Bob Bryan, Joe pushed until they gained 501(c)(3) non-profit status. Gus has been a strong supporter of FWSA ever since. This is the New York City chapter of the Nashville-based Nashville Songwriters Association International, which has with over 5,000 members worldwide. Contact President Tony Dickens at 252-308-2437 or [email protected] or Vice President Diana Dimsdale, 919-269-6240 or e-mail: [email protected]. After selling Buckhorn Music, she co-founded 17th Avenue Music. Html. NSAI, NYC. In 1978, she wrote her autobiography, Lord Let Me Leave a Song. At this point, Gus found the FWSA and began growing another “family” that loved music as much as he did. He never wanted it to be something he had to do to put food on the table. Life was not always easy. Several years later Howard Crockett encouraged Tim to start another band. He now lives in Burleson, TX and is President of the Fort Worth Songwriters' Association. Later Tim began to take an interest in the bass guitar and invested in a bull bass. The group was created to encourage and support the craft of songwriting. She later incorporated up and coming young talent nights as well. We honestly hope to help every person that we touch in some way. Mayo has racked up GRAMMY nominations, nods from the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) and the Academy of Country Music (ACM), and she is one of a handful of female songwriters — along with Nicolle Gaylon, Taylor Swift, Shania Twain, Stephony Smith and Kye Fleming — who has received both BMI’s Country Songwriter of the Year and Country Song of the Year … The Songwriters Circle has been home to some of best artists of the last three decades including Norah Jones, George David Weiss, Lisa Loeb, Steven Dorff, Judy Collins, Phoebe Snow, Rob Mathes, Peter Zizzo, Albert Hammond, The Story, Jesse Harris, Siedah Garrett (Michael Jackson), Gary Burr, Hugh Prestwood, Marcus Hummon, Kevin Bents, Big and Rich, Vanessa Carlton, Gavin DeGraw and Lana Del Rey to name a few. SGA’s non-profit educational foundation was created to aid and educate writers through university scholarship grants and various Guild programs which are offered at the lowest possible cost. What You Need To Know. Website. Many years later Tim met up with Ray Brandenburg again. History of The New York Songwriterʼs Circle: singer/songwriter & vocal coach Tina Shafer started hosting and booking the New York Songwriterʼs Circle in 1991. Songwriters Association of Delaware (SWADE) Wilmington, DE. I have a great friend, Sonny Throckmorton, who has had over twenty number one songs and well over 1,000 recorded by artists. GUS A. WOLMAN, III - Gus was born in 1950, an Army brat, on Guam, in the Marianas Islands. January 14, 2021 Mailing address: CCSA, 131 Henry Baker Road, Zebulon, NC, 27597. For more information go to their Website or contact the New York office at 212-768-7902, or e-mail: [email protected]. For more info on Rob's music, go to his website at,, The Fort Worth Songwriters' Association is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. ... but it was delivered to me early, and he was great at communicating the entire time. It is devoted exclusively to providing songwriters with the services and activities they need to succeed in the business of music. All styles of music are welcome. The writing has expanded to include music beds for commercials, soundtracks for presentations and programs as well as traditional songs to be performed live or heard in recordings. One of three children, Gus traveled the United States and the globe as a military dependent, accompanying his parents to places like Alaska, Hong Kong, the Philipines and Japan, while also living in 11 States before he enrolled in Texas A&M University, in 1968. Tim made contact with Kit Smith of Big Springs Jamboree at the conclusion of WWII. New York Songwriters Circle. Featured Alumni Billy Porter See where they are now. With the talent of the musicians and Ray's crowd catching voice the band continued for eighteen years. Bob and Joe wrote quite a few songs too. 260 likes. To learn more about Winners Circle County Music Publishing, Marketing and Promotions, please go to While playing at the Hometown Jamboree in Houston, Texas, Tim met and began playing for Billy Gray. “With all the changes in the technology of music, keeping up can alter the focus of a serious musician.”  Although commercial success has eluded Mel for now, opportunities are always just around the corner. This was the beginning of Tim's love for and career in music. He has lost two wives and many relationships and friendships in the process, along with most everything that meant anything. visiting. Alan is presently the Vice President of the FWSA again and concentrates on community outreach opportunities. contact Office: Writers' Cottage 317 NW Gilman Blvd., Ste. NASHVILLE, TN (December 21, 2020) - NSAI is excited to share the local chapter finalists for the 2020 NSAI Chapter Challenge with Anthem Entertainment.NSAI thanks each of its members for being a part of our Virtual Chapter Challenge this November. 3 reviews of Nashville Songwriters Association International "When most songwriters (or singer/songwriters) move to Nashville they are chasing a big dream. After many hours of practice, Tim and his band began to play on the radio station KTBB. SCWA, which began in 1990, as the South Carolina Writers Workshop, is dedicated to writers in all genres and levels of writing skill. They cover all genres of music, and their workshops include lessons about songwriting craft, and a song critique session. This list will be regularly updated. Website, Central Carolina Songwriters Association (CCSA). After taking the first step and making the move comes the big question,"Where do I start?".

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