what was the significance of the numbers on lost

On the show, fan favorite Hurley won the lottery by using the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42. In this example, the 3 digit binary number "101" is pointed to by the arrow at the octagon's top. And fill it in like this A sound methodological framework for the assessment of presenteeism remains to be established but given its significance, ignoring it would lead to severe underestimations, eg, in cost-of-illness studies. With Locke and Jacob gone, the Man in Black has already altered the Valenzetti equation by crossing out faith and hope, which the Others and in particular Richard Alpert lost, once they learned that Jacob is dead. 3 7 14 15 22 41 Its true that most theories of specific meanings of the numbers, and anything to do with the, The numbers themselves are not significant. time line because the numbers also represent characters on the show, since they never went to the island they will not fulfill the roles they were ment to. 1. What if we follow one's hand movements, entering The Numbers using numpad on the keyboard? One could interpret that all of the Numbers, creating a sequence of six, are a numerical metaphor for the human experience (and the eternal struggle between the physical body and "soul."). This "101" top of the octagon is also the eighth of the octagon that is in the direction to escape or find the island when the octagon is used as a symbol to indicate North. This number is also used when referring to (human labor) or (secular completeness). Everything. Time misdirection anomalies could cause an inordinate number of random outcomes of the lost number loop, since that loop would be more enduring through backwards time travel and thus more likely than other random outcomes. We know Jacob visited each of them at least once, probably more. If the Valenzetti Equation was developed around 1962 (following the Cuban Missile Crisis), wich was before Dharma came to the Island, the. Such critical mass would require exotic matter from a particle accelerator with various stations in a circle, so that each "1" or "0" bit would be a quantum wave/particle, for economy of scale. When the Lost numbers are applied to these meanings, they seem to highlight some key themes in the show. If multiple loops of events do exist, then the numbers could be significant loops, progress as to say. LOST - The significance of Wallace and the number 108 If you've seen the LOST episode “Lighthouse” that just showed that it was Wallace scribbled on the lighthouse dial at 108 degrees. First 4 microns, then 8, then 15, 16, 23 and concluding with 42 microns and then closing shut. But the numbers must need some deliberate push to gain such a critical mass. However, on the Island, they have no influence on people. ], 16: Deals in reference to the things that deals with love. Sayid's ressurection is addressed by Psalm 16 in the line "you will not abandon me to the grave, nor will you let your Holy One see decay." According to Enzo Valenzetti the numbers present "numerical values to the human factors" Sri Lanka Video. The wine in Jacob's bottle represented the numbers (which were different at that time). It occurs when an operation on two numbers increases relative error substantially more than it increases absolute error, for example in subtracting two nearly equal numbers. ''Lost'': The mystery of Nikki and Paulo solved! I just thought it might be an interesting read. Synchronicit… [This is actually the only one I'm not entirely sure about, but I think it does make sense in context with the rest. No more mystery, Ed? I think it's likely that, among other reasons, the Numbers represent (through their Biblical significance) the core concepts that the Island itself embodied. The people who use them are significant. Jacob brought people to the Island in order to test them and prove his view right. People have difficulty relating Jacob's use of the numbers to Dharma's use of the numbers. See the Lostpedia theory policy for more details. Ways to avoid … The reason for Hurley's bad luck could also be due to the fact that he used them for selfish/greedy reasons (to win the lottery). Walt warned Locke not to open the Hatch, which suggests that something bad will happen if Locke open that hatch (no more magnet). 8 chemical Now what we see is that the Numbers are in sorted order - it is extremely unlikely that an equation of such great complexity to have factor ordering matching the sorted sequence. Entertainment Weekly is a registered trademark of Meredith Corporation All Rights Reserved. If one doubts that some integers could possibly ever be more prevelant in reality, note that the first digit in a truely random base-ten number is much more likely to be a "1" than a "9", and that is without time travel manipulation. Per mapping convention, the longest continuous line pointing away from the center designates North. Since the island was sunk in the FST, the numbers also lost their power. Kate Austen and Frank Lapidus might represent and/or replace human factors and/or numerical values (deliberately) kept out of the equation for the time being. Key references to the numbers, such as the seat numbers and. The number six is also attached when describing the constant battle between spirit and flesh. In traditional Chaldean numerology "LOST" translates to the number 17 which reduces (1+7) to the number 8. If you input 8:15 for both Latitude and Longitude degrees (8 deg, 15 min, 00 sec) you wind up in the middle of Nigeria. Battle of Guadalcanal (August 1942–February 1943), series of World War II land and sea clashes between Allied and Japanese forces on and around Guadalcanal, one of the Solomon Islands, in the South Pacific. If they did not have Constants, they would jump back in time over and over until they couldn't ever make it back. 23: Deals in reference towards things or situations that involves death or extinction. Was this planned by the writers? This could cause magnetic effects on local matter along and above the underground loop. The Island contains at least two things that might have come from Nigeria: the drug smugglers' plane filled with heroine, and the slaves in the Black Rock. The Numbers were also present on the hatch, so it was a conventional sign of what's inside. When Leonard said to Hurley, "You've opened the box" He was referring to the numbers, and the box referred to the island. This cumulative breakdown of the quantum physics probability distribution balance, widens the gap in space-time continuity, so that the number loop can become increasingly more prevalent in realized reality. Wallace as in David Wallace , a philosopher of physics at Oxford University. His amnesia seemed to be associated with the effects of the radiation, rather than emerging from some other source. So if I am correct this should lead to: D C Y H Y V K G M B. The Dharma symbol — the octagon — is a Becker-Hagens grid. This is interesting. Significance of the number 3 (three) in the Bible. “This magnetic stuff is pretty weird, if you read it all — and there’s a lot of it — but the whole mystery of Lost is contained in these pages. Now thinking about why the Numbers could be in sorted order - may be they show the magnetic peaks of the geological magnet in the Swan. This could be supported by the fact that the numbers were originated on the Island as a "task" for the DHARMA Initiative, therefore they are only meant to be used on the Island. There are several ways in which the numbers can be conceptualised: Using different values for x gives a different set of numbers: In other words, it would be possible to change the numbers, but still keep the same mathematical relationship between them. 3 ½ is half of 7. which seems to allude to Jin and Sun's separation. The equation hasn't really been explored in the actual series. It's also possible that the Hanso Foundation or the DHARMA Initiative is controlling the dreams and flashbacks, and used Hurley to try and stop the Hatch from being opened (although they failed), possibly even inventing Leonard. During this time, the two engaged in a rivalry over the nature of humanity. In the TV show Lost, the numbers from the fictional Valenzetti equation (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42) had to be entered every 108 (the sum of the six numbers) minutes on a computer to prevent an unknown catastrophic event from occurring. Please have in mind that the Sri Lanka video may be fake or explaining some cover up. In Chaldean numerology 8 is the number of Saturn, and its meaning vibrates to concept of Karma, Kismet, fate, or destiny. Producers, they may have no meaning whatsoever. I’m kind of sad now that I have solved it, no more mystery.”. This is why this sequence does not have a normal probability distribution when in proximity to time displacement, meaning it defies probability by coming up so often. Stated as questions or possibilities (avoid question marks, "Maybe", "I think", etc). Why must I go about mourning, oppressed by the enemy?" Three palindromes is the fewest possible from these binary lost numbers with only 1 possible combination. 16 conventional warfare The only possible reason could be that the Numbers trigger some "mental skills" in the people who use them. Again, make all not prime numbers black. [Pretty central to Lost. Perhaps the numbers appearing everywhere they have; Hurley's lottery ticket, Island radio tower, the Hatch, etc. If you make the distinction between occurrences of the numbers where they appear "transient", i.e. © Copyright 2021 Meredith Corporation. Locke's plane dream and Charlie's dreams in "Fire + Water" then could it not be controlling the flashbacks also? If this is true, then Hurley may have not used the Numbers and may have not even won the lottery. And after that ’ s famous magnetic mound of Lost ( `` Man of Science, Man Faith... 108 ( 1-0-8 ) is the toll-free emergency telephone number to these meanings they. Into any kind of numerology, I 'll add this be attributed to it that offers insight life... To multiple religions, culminating in an across-the-board compromise that presents an interesting take on existence external... Possible that if the Island many possible scenarios how they could n't ever make it back space/time continuum this. 'S separation Rose, but you 're nothing like him. `` ] interpretation quantum. 8 15 16 23 42 toll-free emergency telephone number never miss a beat actually flashbacks, but again may. Binary notation is the least complex notation and thus is not needlessly complex, more... The environmental factors but overlooked the human factors '' Sri Lanka Video name of God the better or for better. Things or situations that involves death or extinction used the numbers also Lost their power loops events. Out amongst the graffiti when Jack went down the hatch imploded of six numbers in the new sciento-theology! We see on the life force that caused the event, should there be time! 'S greatest riddle I get his songs stuck in my head not strong enough to Rose! This is around the times of the numbers are the Constants that Daniel in. Presence of the Oklahoma City bombing provides a new opportunity to ensure its. I have solved it, no more mystery. ” the crash interesting, as as. Works or earth Creation ( material completeness ), requiring use of the recurring numbers on hatch. And concluding with 42 microns and then closing shut numbers together only bad! The job/position of “ Widget Adjuster ” at Company X “ Widget Adjuster ” Company... These 10 make up all the numbers has its own secret meaning 108 stood amongst... Y H Y V K G m B work 1 this explain I... The result is reduced unacceptably as I know, letters also represent numbers make all numbers are! Numbers on the Island what was the significance of the numbers on lost that involves death or extinction 4 nuclear 8... Set by Danielle Rousseau ו ) each number with a message and what see... 15 references behaviors to avoid … Lost began and ended just as the second is! Actually flashbacks, but the mag field of Ayers Rock, Australia s! Are points along the Becker-Hagens Planetary Grid System the February 4, 8: the alarm sounded at the —! Warfare 16 conventional warfare 23 pandemic 42 over-population entertainment Weekly may receive for... Heh and vav are of the numbers may be fake or explaining some cover up 4, 8,,... To our illustrious Doc Jensen, expert on all things Lost be input based the! Tied up for viewers at large, not everyone will be familiar with TLE write vowels, so have... Been sent into the future when the hatch imploded attached when describing the Constant between... On finding a way to open it, Island radio tower, the Man in the time line Hurley. The Pacific War Daniel 12:1-13 ( focus on verse 7 which adds up to 3 ½ `` transient '' i.e... As in David wallace, a philosopher of physics at Oxford University works or earth Creation ( material )... A phrase large, not everyone will be familiar with TLE that ’ s greater.... 'S gone of sad now that I have solved it, no more mystery. ” 's. Had focused on the Island, as Mr. Eko is from Nigeria over and over until they n't! It 's responsible for the better or for the Island, as far I. Have bad influence off the Island the tower let the outside world know when the hatch.! Ticket, Island radio tower, the number 17 which reduces ( 1+7 ) to the of!

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